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A NOLA Meal You Can't Resist – Maddie Foret

I am

a bowl of red beans and rice with a crunchy Andouille sausage—more gravy than rice
so it floods the bowl,

and I am

the fried chicken covered in layers of Tony’s, in front of the glass of Merlot, almost black from a
or a Cabaranet Sauvignon, or whatever was cheapest.

Then I am

a classic syrupy snoball with the spoon protruding from one side of the cup and the bendy straw
on the other.
It’s Strawberry Daiquiri- flavored— but there’s no daiquiri.
We get that at the drive thru.


Maddie Foret is a writer, filmmaker, actor, and undergraduate student at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont. She hails from New Orleans, carries Tony Chachere's with her everywhere she goes, and writes feature screenplays.

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