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All Hail the Cajuns – Maddie Foret

A deceiving crunch

on your skin

which hides


the finest pig’s pork—

it’s entire gastrointestinal

system butchered

for humanity—

is Andouille,


mixed with the smallest

hints of onion

and pepper,



coated with wine—

satisfying every

French person

who knows the bayou

their grandparents trekked


with a glass

of Merlot next

to their Styrofoam plates.


With the pig

can be rice, peppers,



a chef’s kiss

when the beans coat

the pork before it

leaves the house

on a cold winter’s



All hail the Cajuns

and their spice and




Maddie Foret is a writer, filmmaker, actor, and undergraduate student at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont. She hails from New Orleans, carries Tony Chachere's with her everywhere she goes, and writes feature screenplays.

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