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Comfort of Togetherness – Effie Pasagiannis

I like the way we are together now—

compatriots, companions,

clandestine lovers exchanging recipes,

searching for yeast to create


Kneading and breaking bread

in doughy goodness,

we are shattering the silence of our fast

letting our buttered selves slip

through gloved hands

into a new kind of comforting


Is this why I have always loved the rain?

Pelting of glass, windowed song with

blinds open, curtains drawn

for a knowledge that we bathe in it together,

and in this knowing, this being,

a most precious stasis shared,

the NOW that is most certain and

all we will ever have


In this splendor

of exchanging recipes,

we exhaust the noise of all else,

we concentrate while

kneading and breaking bread—

knowing safety in the present

humming our favorite rain day tune,

watching creation rise,

breathing it in.

Previously published in The Dillydoun Review.


Effie Pasagiannis is a NYC-based lawyer, writer, and curator. Her poetry has been featured in journals such as The Write Launch, Raw Art Review, Pen + Brush’s In Print Issue 1, and Stanford University’s Mantis Journal (April 2019). Her first poetry collection, Anagnorisis, was published by Dancing Girl Press with a launch event held at Poets House in January 2020. She is currently working on two poetry chapbooks as well as a collection of short stories, one of which is being adapted into a feature length film by Nomadis Images (production slated for Spring/Summer 2021). As a curator, she collaborates with other writers and artists showcasing work in soul nourishing spaces. Effie looks forward to more of these readings and events post pandemic. For more information, visit; IG/Twitter @pasagiae

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