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kitchen witch – Miranda Rodriguez

the kitchen
smells of rich gold
broth that fills
all of the spaces
my love doesnt warm

i stand at a pot
stirring in abundance
adding bay leaves
and thyme
for wishes and protection

serving joy in a shallow bowl
with egg noodles
and parsley
steaming hot
and shimmering


Miranda Rodriguez is a 21-year-old latina witch from New York with a traveler’s heart and a renaissance woman’s ambition. She's been writing poetry and making art her whole life, and she's always been in love with storytelling and making people feel. She finds joy in cities across the world from her, rainy summer days in, her 2-year-old cat named Oberon, and in lavender perfume. She's had the honor of being published in two literary magazines—White Wall and 805—and made her international reading debut at Dublin culture night in 2019 with esteemed Dublin-based actress and writer Nicole Rourke. 

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